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As a warm up to the final episode of BBC's 'The Night Manager,' this past weekend we got back into st


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A periodic look into research threads on critical futures, strategy, post-normal innovation, providing a look over the shoulder of the team at Changeist. Each issue includes brief analysis, links, updates, and occasional auditory hallucinations.

As a warm up to the final episode of BBC’s ’The Night Manager,’ this past weekend we got back into stealth mode, watching ’The Mayfair Set,’ a documentary from the ineffable Adam Curtis which first aired in 1999, about how the privatization of warfare in the UK in the 1960s and 1970s led to the growth the arms trade, and also fueled anything goes capitalism of the Thatcher years. One outcome was the erosion of government control, not only of defense, but of economies as well. The events depicted in this 3-part documentary set the table for today’s borderless (one might even say quadrant-y) world where it’s increasingly difficult to know who’s in control of what, and where policing, intelligence and defense have become multi-dimensional, pounding both dirt and data. 
The thrust and parry of all sides in shapeless conflicts makes it harder and harder to tell not only who’s on which side, but what a side even is. It also makes the application of new technologies on all faces of conflicts and crimes even more slippery and ambiguous.  
Below are a few pieces that look at different aspects of these shadow conflicts and murky new pools of activity. 
More to report next week.

Activity Log
No new items to report, but we will be at both FutureEverything and Internet Age Media in the next week and something, so if you are at either, give us a shout. If not, watch the Twitter feed for recaps and adventure stories.
Spooky Action
How Aerial Surveillance Has Changed Policing — and Crime — in Los Angeles
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The Dark Side of Digital Finance: On Financial Machines, Financial Robots & Financial AI
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Mechanomorphs and the Politeness of Machines — Medium
Big Bang Data | Espacio Chile | Fundación Telefónica
Theory of Change and The Golden Circle – This is my blog now.
Plugs Pulled
Pro-Trump Twitter Bots at Center of Nevada Mystery - Washington Wire - WSJ
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