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I've spent most of my career trying to understand the relationship between humans and new technologie
Social Services
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I’ve spent most of my career trying to understand the relationship between humans and new technologies. More accurately, I’ve tried to understand more about people, using technology as a mirror to reveal our nature and intentions. In some ways it’s hard to get a fix on this, as the boundaries of interaction keep shifting and spreading. In other ways, this is precisely what makes it worth doing.
The paint hasn’t even dried on the era of social media, and now we encounter new species of social machines, meant to represent us, assist us, or perhaps replace us. This, to me, is doing just what I’ve described above— showing us a lot about ourselves as we seek to replicate and improve on our own impression of what those selves are. Maybe I should shorten a phrase I’ve been using in the past year, “culture is the original API” to “culture is the original AI”. 
I’ll not say more, and let the pieces below do the talking.
PS—On the road the next couple of weeks, so sending early to get on with packing. 

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Social Services
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